What’s new: Safety first with hip hoodies and fun facemasks


Student-designed hoodies, Brussels sprouts facemasks and a new outlet for upcycled jewellery line Axl

Flits: reflective hoodies

Few cycle as often as students do so it seems only fitting that they would be the ones to come up with new cycle safety gear. And in this case it’s cool, too: Flits are hoodies with reflective designs built right in.

Four students from UCLL university-college in Leuven designed the hoodies and started their own business to sell them. “We noticed that students don’t want to wear safety vests,” say the students in a statement. “They find them ugly or just not very cool. But that’s at the expense of their safety.”

Voila, Flits was born. The hoodies have lightning bolt and cat eye reflective patterns on the front, back and both arms, so cyclists or pedestrians can be seen from every angle. The hoodies can be ordered on the Flits Facebook page or Instagram account for €35 each. They come in multiple colours, too.

Lost and found: AXL jewellery line

Knokke in the coast is known for its high-end shopping, and Axl Jewelry fits right in. Designer Axelle Delhaye already has a shop in Brussels and has opened her second location in the cute Sparrendreef, a few hundred metres away from the hustle and bustle of the promenade crowds.

Delhaye specialises in found jewellery transformations, creating new looks from vintage pieces. Her new Axl line, however, offers a more affordable and youthful option, with prices ranging from €225 to €335. It’s upcycling at its most elegant.

Facemasks: Sprout to be Brussels

Would you like to show your capital pride with a facemask sporting the Sprout to be Brussels logo? Would you like 20? Because that’s the minimum order to get your hands on one of these babies, sold by Brussels chamber of commerce Beci.

The reusable masks are meant to be ordered by companies for their workers, so talk your boss into it. Or just hand them out to 19 friends because they’re quite cheap. The minimum order of two packs of 10 is €66.