What’s on: Our complicated relationship with animals on show in Ghent


Pets or meat? An exhibition in Ghent takes on how we see animals, both domesticated and wild, while a fantastic tour of scientists drinking beer with the masses is on offer at Pint of Science

Creatures Made to Measure

Humans’ relationship with animals is complicated. While users of social media explode in anger at African hunting trophies, they look away when it comes to the endless suffering involved in farming.

With animals considered as beloved pets, a source of food and as stylish decor, designers are faced with the question of whether they should incorporate their bodies – either real or fake – into objects and how and what they should design for animals themselves. The exhibition Creatures Made to Measure looks at the issue from all angles. 17 May to 29 September, Design Museum Gent, Jan Breydelstraat 5, Ghent

Pint of Science

Will it be ‘Adapting to Climate Change’ in Den Engel or ‘The Secrets of Evolution’ at The Sister? Naturally something like Pint of Science is popular in Belgium – where you can hear local scientists explain stuff like atoms, the galaxy and the workings of the brain while you drink beer. You don’t need a PhD to attend these events, which are designed for laypeople and many of which are in English. Sometimes there are hands-on experiments or games. 20-22 May, across Belgium

Colonial Monuments in Belgium

Flemish artist Jan Kempenaers opens up our critical minds regarding statues, monuments and still-standing historical structures by photographing them and showing them all together – or in dialogue with other works. Colonial Monuments in Belgium is a photographic inventory of 40 statues and monuments related to the country’s colonial past – from King Leopold II’s Free State to the independence of Congo – that are, to date, all in public space. He shows them together with photos of communist monuments from the former Yugoslavia and with pieces from the Mu.Zee collection to get us thinking about how a notorious past continues to influence the present, and the future. Until 11 October, Mu.Zee, Romestraat 11, Ostend

Get tix now: YogaLife

A grassy field in the village of Laarne is the zen setting for this annual event that brings yoga instructors from all over the world to teach a variety of styles of the discipline. Join one class on sun salutations, for instance, and another on meditation. The entire event is in English, and all skill levels are welcome. In fact, you are asked to leave your ego at the door;  YogaLife is known as a place where there are no judgements and no competition. Day and weekend passes include a vegetarian meal and all drinks. Early bird tickets are available until 21 June (which just happens to be International Yoga Day). 9-11 August, Mellestraat 18, Laarne (East Flanders)

All photos courtesy museums, events