What’s on: A peek into the mysteries of the night in Turnhout


An exhibition that explores the wonder – and the fear – associated with night-time, intimate cello concerts and a fun family literary festival

De Nacht

Before the onset of electric lighting, night-time was a whole other world. Sometimes it was wondrous – an escape from day-to-day realities and social conventions. But sometimes it was dangerous, transforming city streets into battlegrounds.

Still today, night feels different from day, even when we’re indoors with all the lights on. We know that beyond our front door is a world we cannot fully comprehend. De Warande’s exhibition De Nacht (The Night) features artists who explore these two worlds that live side-by-side, and yet differ so much from each other. Until 13 December, Warandestraat 42, Turnhout

Renaissance at Twilight

Musician Sofie Vanden Eynde is playing intimate lute concerts this summer at her spacious flat in Molenbeek. Dubbed Renaissance at Twilight, they include the evening concert, followed by bubbles and chocolates. There’s only room for 10, so sign up early. 16, 18 and 30 August

Zin in Zomer

Limburg’s literary summer festival has scaled back this year because of corona, but it’s still ensures a fun outing, especially for children. The focus this year is on illustrations, and there is a trail of illustrated animals in shop windows, an exhibition devoted to the different way in which children’s book illustrators picture forests and an imaginary wood in which creatures jump off the page and into real life via 3D sculptures. Most of the event takes place in Hasselt, but Genk and Sint-Truiden also get in on the act. Later this month, all three cities have final festival days devoted to workshops and live drawing. The title of the festival, by the way is a clever play on words: Zin in Dutch means both “enthusiastic” and “sentence”. Until 30 August, across Limburg

Cool concerts in Kortrijk

There are a handful of concert venues still operating, and the concert and festival organisers of Wilde Westen in West Flanders are busy filling them up. Check out this weekend’s line-up at Muziekcentrum Track, for instance: The Night of the Pawlowski Syndrome features famous rock guitarist Mauro Pawlowski (pictured), classical music-making brothers David and Erik Desimpelaere and master accordion player Tuur Florizoone. Such an all-star programme should make for one awesome evening. Or perhaps you’d prefer the concert next door at De Kreun by GingerBlackGinger, a stellar jazz-rock ensemble put together by double bass player Yannick Peeters. 15/19 August, Conservatoriumplein 1, Kortrijk

Photos, from top: Courtesy De Warande, ©Lieven Dirckx/Casino Koksijde, ©WM/courtesy Wilde Westen, courtesy Zin in Zomer