What’s on: Quarantine edition 2


Museums, concert halls and film festivals have really stepped up to supply us with entertainment as we while away the hours at home

Bruges Museums

Over at Musea Brugge, which represents all of Bruges’s museums, an impressive number of pieces from collections are online for your viewing pleasure.

You’ll also find interactive programmes to get up close and personal with the Flemish primitives, artists talks, a 360° tour of the Our Lady of the Pottery museum and – by far our favourite – a Van Eyck colouring book.

Print-at-Home Coloring Book

Speaking of colouring, don’t put away those crayons because the Print-At-Home Coloring Book is endless. Artist and curator Laurens Mariën called on more than 90 of his fellow Ghent-based artists to send in drawings. There are abstractions, oddball figures, cute (and freaky) animals and one tiled bathroom that will keep you (and hopefully your kids) busy for hours and hours and hours and hours.

Concerts from Ancienne Belgique

The super cool people of one of Brussels’ most fave music spots have selected concerts from the near and distant past. Check out a Norah Jones performance from 2009, say, or Coldplay from 2000. Remember how we were all worried about computer systems crashing when the clocks struck midnight in the year 2000? Such simple times.

Docville Film Festival

Leuven’s Docville is postponed to September, booo!! But organisers of the documentary film festival have put a selection from the programme online, yay! There are local and international selections, and each one is just €4. Check out Bring it to the People, for instance, a biopic of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, or Sing Me A Song (pictured), a look at how modern devices are impacting the youth of one of the world’s most traditional cultures.

Opera & ballet

On 26 March, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen will launch five productions online that should be touring now, including the multiple-award-winning La Juive and the recent Rusalka. The organisation promises that more past productions will show up as the days – and probably weeks – wear on.

Photos, from top: Courtesy Musea Brugge, courtesy Laurens Mariën, courtesy Norah Jones, ©Filip Van Roe/Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, courtesy Doc NYC