What’s on: Quarantine edition 6


While away those hours at home with a series of podcasts in English from the Africa Museum or a livestream music festival

Talking Objects

The Africa Museum in Tervuren has put together a great series of podcasts in English focused on single objects. Scientists at the museum, which is also a research institute, choose an object from either the collection or behind the scenes and tell us all about it.

Imagine careening down Congolese mountains on a wooden scooter, for instance, or discover what a lion’s skull can teach us about genetics. The series is limited to eight, which only leaves you wanting more. Let’s hope they feel the same way.

Livestream Festival

The show must go on(line)! That’s what a group of eight musicians and fans thought when they launched Artists Unlimited – otherwise known as AU! – last month. The site will livestream concerts by local artists, and the first is happening this Sunday. The Livestream Festival isn’t previously recorded and will not be available later – it’s live and only live, just like in a concert hall. For a tenner, you will see 10 Belgian luminaries like Sioen, Absynthe Minded, An Pierle and Noémie Wolfs (pictured). Each plays in a different location, some of them surprising. 26 April ‘doors’ at 15.30

Drawing in Lockdown

The Smak museum of contemporary art in Ghent has in the past initiated drawing projects with marginalised groups, such as prisoners and refugees. A uniquely human activity, drawing is – like writing –often practiced in seclusion. Now that almost all of us are living in seclusion, Smak invites us to create a drawing  and send it to them. You can draw literally anything, whether a self-portrait, still life or view from your window, and you don’t have to be an artist or anything like that. Smak will collect together all the drawings to create one giant portrait of lockdown in Belgium. Check the website for all the details.

Tournée Digitale

Antwerp organisation Behoud De Begeerte, which stages literary performances, has put a number of its past productions online, dating from 1988 to 2020. See old editions, for instance, of its annual Valentine show Saint Amour or the splendid Geletterde Mensen from 2008, in which Dutch poet Ramsey Nasr and Flemish musician Mauro Pawlowski created an unforgettable night of literary alt rock theatre.

Antwerp Museum App

The Antwerp Museum App provides hours of fascinating fun as it leads you through the masterpieces hanging in the port city’s many museums. View the art and listen to the audio tour just like in the museum. There are also tours, such as of the city’s sculptures and its street art. Once you get started, you just can’t stop. The app operates in several languages and can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also access the system online, but it’s not ideal; the app is recommended.

Photos, from top: Courtesy Africa Museum, courtesy Universal Music, Iraqi ceramist Salam Atta Sabri took to drawing due to a lack of materials when it was too dangerous to take to the streets of Baghdad/image cropped/courtesy Smak, courtesy Behoud De Begeerte, courtesy Stad Antwerpen