What’s on: Wealth of activities for kids’ last week of freedom


With an ‘under-18 only’ exhibition in Ghent and a fun day of flying creatures in Meise, there’s plenty to keep younger members of the family busy this week

No-Go Over 18

“Parents stay out!” is a sign your child might have hung on their bedroom door. You might find it antisocial, but they’ll find a friend in Ghent’s Smak museum, which has an exhibition dedicated to those aged five to 18.

No-Go Over 18 is a collection of lithographs made by Belgian artists specifically for children and young people. You’ll see work by the likes of Luc Tuymans, Guillaume Bijl and Joke van Leeuwen. Or rather you won’t see them, but your kids will, led by a member of museum staff. What you can do is open your wallet because the kids can buy copies of the lithographs. (Don’t worry, they’re cheap.) 24-31 August 10.00-18.00, Smak, Jan Hoetplein 1, Ghent


Ancienne Belgique’s most-excellent summer festival is back in Brussels Park. Completely free and only in the evening, Feeërieën finds food trucks, atmospheric lights among the trees and carefully selected local and international musicians playing from the park’s historical pavilion. Discover this year hyperkinetic footwork out of Chicago, disco funk from Somalia, Turkish psychedelia or Belgium’s own Dez Mona backed by the GoneWest Choir. As the name suggests, Feeërieën is magical. 26-30 August, Brussels Park pavilion, Rue Royal & Place des Palais

The Night of Wings

The Botanic Garden Meise is open until midnight on Saturday for a nocturnal experience with winged creatures. Bats and moths figure heavily, and all kinds of activities are planned to introduce you to these animals and insects that come alive when the lights go out. There are plants that bloom only at night as well. Activities start at 14.00 just in case some members of the family don’t stay up as late as bats. 24 August 14.00-midnight (last entry at 22.00), Nieuwelaan 38, Meise

Get tickets now: Gent Festival of Flanders

A highlight of Ghent’s autumn calendar is its festival dedicated to classical and new music – in the broadest sense of the word. Highlights of a festival full of them include Bach’s Goldberg Variations by French piano virtuoso David Fray and Méditerra-Nuit and a nomadic evening of fado, flamenco and Greek music featuring the great fadista Marco Rodriques (pictured). The festival also includes a smattering of dance and opera, as well as Night of the Imagination, a kind of circus of the arts. Finally, don’t miss Odegand, the kick-off event that is a festival in itself. But pick up your tickets soon because most performances sell out. 14 September to 5 October, across Ghent

Photos from top: ©Sarah Bertrand, courtesy Feeërieën, courtesy Natuurpunt, ©Christophe Vander Eecken