What’s on: The world under our feet uncovered


A new exhibition at Ghent’s city museum takes visitors underground, while one of Flanders’ leading theatre collectives revisits an American classic

Underground in the city

This new, family-friendly exhibition at the city museum in Ghent explores the world under our feet, from the composition of our soil and the tunnels that help alleviate congestion, to the pipes that provide our cities with water, energy and data.

“Underground in the city” reveals the city under the city is at least as busy and just as fascinating as everything that happens aboveground. The exhibition was created in collaboration with Rotor, a collective of designers, architects and researchers devoted to promoting the reuse of building materials. Until 22 September, STAM, Godshuizenlaan 2, Ghent

Berlin: Writing Graffiti

Curated by Katia Hermann and Mark Straeck, this Brussels exhibition offers a thrilling overview of the evolution of the graffiti scene in Germany’s capital from 1983 until now by way of more than 400 photographs. The photographs are on loan from private archives like Krok, Look and MC Poise, with many taken by professional, Berlin-based photographers such as Bart van Kersavond, Bernd Feuerhelm, Emmett Edelstein who documented the graffiti scene and its key figures. Until 26 January, Manufacture 111 Bruxelles, Boondaelsesteenweg 537, Brussels

Love + Radio Live In Brussels

The popular and idiosyncratic US podcast maker Nick van der Kolk will present the new season of his Love + Radio podcast – which recently celebrated its 200th episode – and offer into insight his creative process, from interviewing and editing to post-production. Expect an evening full of confusing stories, emotion and audiophonic excitement. The event is being organised by Klankverbond, the Podcastgezelschap Luyster and XL Air, and tickets can be reserved by sending an email to wederik@deziekesteur.be. January 4, ACSR, Sint-Jooststraat 49, Sint-Joost

Angels in America

Toneelhuis/Olympique Dramatique is presenting a reworked version of Angels in America, reducing the original seven hours to one evening's programme. It is “an ode to the capacity of people to transform and survive. An expression of hope that a society can change course and evolve, like a tanker that – creaking under the strain, to be sure – heads up into the wind. But most of all, it is a plea for the strength and comfort that comes with love.” 7-9 January, NTGent Schouwburg, Sint-Baafsplein 17, Ghent (in Dutch); 14-17 January, KVS, Arduinkaai 7, Brussels (in Dutch with French subtitles)

Photos, from top: courtesy STAM, courtesy Manufacture 111 Bruxelles, courtesy Klankverbond, courtesy KVS