Wim Tellier shows bee’s eye view of flowers at Flemish coast


Known for his monolithic public art works, Wim Tellier is back in Knokke with a tribute to bees

Coming up roses

Flemish artist Wim Tellier returns to his larger-than-life installations with mega-flowers on the beach in Knokke. His BEE XXL project consists of photos of native flowers blown up to 500 times their size.

Tellier (pictured) offers a bee’s eye view of the flowers – showing us what flowers look like to an approaching bee. “The idea behind BEE XXL is that everyone should go in search of their own treasure,” he said.

Before making it to the beach, the flowers were placed in a number of spots across the coastal resort. As they are particularly impressive when seen from the air, Tellier created an aerial film of them (below), which also provides a helicopter view of Knokke-Heist.

The flowers will be on the beach until 20 September. It is not the first time that Tellier has created such an installation in Knokke: In 2015, he installed a crab 1,000 times its size against a backdrop of hundreds of pictures of landscapes from around the world.

Tellier is known around the world for his landscape art, in which he often creates one monolithic image out of many thousands of smaller images. The works are often part of larger projects, usually environmental in nature.

One of the most famous was Protect 7-7, a series of six enormous portraits, each representing a continent and its people. It was laid out in Antwerp’s harbour in 2009, after debuting at Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica.

Photo courtesy VRT