Year’s first heatwave expected next week


Temperatures could exceed 35° by the middle of next week as a hot air front moves north from Africa

Keep your cool

Belgium is facing a heatwave next week, with forecasters predicting that temperatures could exceed 35°C. A mass of hot air from north Africa will cross the Mediterranean, bringing five days of exceptionally warm weather.

Saturday will remain dry and mild, but the temperature on Sunday will shoot up to 28°, and it will get warmer from there, with Tuesday and Wednesday reaching – and potentially exceeding – 35°. Temperatures will remain warm at night, with Tuesday and Wednesday night lows of about 25°.

Flanders is triggering its warm weather alert, providing organisations and businesses that work with vulnerable people, such as the elderly and small children, with tips on how to adapt daily activities and care to the weather. All residents are warned to keep sport and other physical activities to a minimum and to keep fully hydrated.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Belgium by the Royal Meteorological Institute was 38.8°C on 27 July last year, in Hechtel-Eksel, Limburg.

Photo: Jasper Jacobs/BELGA