Young people win grants to develop dual education apps


Flanders’ education department has handed out €100,000 to further develop five apps that help students in dual education

Experience-based apps

Five groups of students and young workers gathered in the Flemish parliament this week to receive grants handed out to the best apps that help pupils in dual education. The app competition was organised by entrepreneurs’ agency Syntra Vlaanderen.

Dual education is when pupils put in part of their school day at the workplace, combining their educations with on-the-job training. The Flemish education department has put much effort into the programme in order to help fill bottleneck jobs, such as in the chemical sector or electromechanics.

The app competition was open to students as well as to working young people who previously took part in dual education. The apps are meant to improve the dual education system in some way.

One winner, for instance, developed an app that would allow students to rate their internships and comment on them. This would be handy for future students but also provide the employer with feedback.

Another app collects all the paperwork involved in an work placement in one spot, including a chat function between the student and supervisor. All five winners received €20,000 to fully develop the app as well as coaching from IT companies.